Spring Tactics

In early spring we look for crappie transitioning from their winter pattern in deeper water to shallow. To locate these crappie we use our electronics scanning areas in the mouth of coves and along shallow creek channels, Slow trolling for these fish using Big Bite Baits 2” Crappie Tubes tip with live bait is a deadly combination. Some of our favorite colors during this time are orange/chart, black/chart, Red/yellow and white/chart these are just a few awesome colors available. Once the spawn is in full swing we will vertical jig steak beds and standing timber with the Big Bite Baits 2” slab tubes. If the water is clear we will cast Big Bite Baits 2” Fat Grubs into the shallows which can really put some Big Slab Crappie in your boat.

Summer Tactics 

Getting crappie in the boat during the dog days of summer can be tough. However, this can be accomplished with the right approach.  During the summer, it is critical to be on the water at first light for crappie fishing.  Being on the water early, gives you the opportunity to catch fish that are feeding shallow.  Once the sun temp rises, crappie begin moving to nearby channels and deep ledges.  Summer is a great time to speed things up. Power trolling the Kentucky lake rig using one ounce weight, pushing two Big Bite Baits 2” Triple Tip Grubbs @ .5 to .7 mph to produce slab crappie.  Some of our favorite colors are Lemon/Meringue, Bubble gum/chart, and Glow.

Fall Tactics

Fall is one of our favorite times to fish for solid slabs being male or female. In the spring, you can expect to catch big females ready to pop with eggs making them heavy.  With winter approaching, we find fall crappie feeding hard and aggressively ready to bite.  We look for crappie holding to structures feeding on bait fish.  By dipping a 1/16 or 1/32 oz. jigs head in combination with Big Bite Baits, 1.5 Crappie Tubes is the ticket to get fish in the boat.  There are several colors to choose from. We prefer Orange/chart, Black/chart, White/chart, and Blue/chart.  Another approach is slow trolling flats this time of year for feeding crappie using Big Bite Bait 2” tubes-Orange/chart, Black/chart, Red/yellow, and Firecracker are deadly.


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